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Someone left the trash without leaving the bin and left. The cleaner called for the rubbish to be


With the continuous improvement of the quality of the citizens and the promotion of various environmental measures, the health environment of our city has been obviously improved, and many passengers think Xi'an is more pleasant than before. However, recent interviews with reporters also found that some citizens did not pick up rubbish once they had not been thrown into the trash bin.

On April 20th, at 4 p.m., a journalist had just bought an ice cream from the side of the roadside store. After the packing bag was taken down, a citizen was prepared to throw it into the trash can, but the packing plastic paper was too light and was directly blown down. The citizen went straight away and did not choose. The garbage is picked up and thrown into the trash can.

In the afternoon of April 21st, the reporter also saw a similar phenomenon in the vicinity of the friendship West Road turntable. A citizen annihilated the smoke that had just finished in the trash can, and then prepared to throw it into the special cigarette butt, but did not throw it directly into the ground, and the citizen did not pick up the butt of the ground. . The reporter also saw that another citizen chose to throw the garbage in the far place of the trash can, and once he did not succeed, he would no longer ignore the drop in the garbage.

However, reporters in the visit also noted that most citizens could still be responsible for their garbage. On the morning of April 22nd, near the bus stop of Changan Road Interchange, a citizen saw garbage thrown into the trash can. "A lot of people have a sense of not throwing rubbish, but when they are not lost in one time, they tend to leave the rubbish more concentrated on the ground next to the trash can." The cleaners in the vicinity told reporters that he also hoped that the citizens would be able to pay more attention to this behavior, to start from themselves, not to throw rubbish, and to create a good city environment.

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