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1. Understand the detailed requirements of customers such as: product specifications, materials, colors, production processes, related accessories and other specific requirements and product packaging and other information. After understanding a series of requirements. Then, according to the requirements, draw the 3D renderings to confirm, the effect diagram confirms a complete physical sample of the product, wait for the customer's comments to reply, and then all the details of the product are confirmed before starting the formal production into mass production.

2. Unloading: The first step of the production process of the product is to open the material according to the shape and size of the product. The original plate is cut to the required shape and size by a large digital shearing machine. This step is very important. The angle of the plate must be accurate to the millimeter, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the next step.

3. Stamping sheet metal: The sheet metal process is to press a common plate through the die to become the shape we need. The sheet metal process is more complicated. The common process includes: punching angle punching, round drawing, crimping, crimping And other processes. The key point of the sheet metal process is to look at the hardware equipment and mold technology. If these two requirements are met, the quality of the workpieces produced will be guaranteed. The automatic stamping equipment imported from Germany by our factory can guarantee the standardized production of each workpiece.

4. Welding: Product welding is the embodiment of the whole product. Most of our products use carbon dioxide electric welding machine. The welding method uses spot welding and welding. The core technology of electric welding is to adjust the current and the firepower of the welding torch, as well as the distance and flatness of the solder joints. We must do the welding and penetration welding. The welder technicians of our factory have been carefully selected for more than 3 years of welding experience, all welding points. Horizontal straight lines must be required and leveled.

5. Grinding and polishing: After the workpiece is welded, some parts have burrs and unevenness. At this time, the surface needs to be smoothed. After grinding and polishing with different sizes of grinding wheels and hemp wheels, the product will reach a smooth surface. There is shine.

6. Quality inspection: The finished product has a professional QC inspection, inspection standard 1. See if the product is defective; 2 whether the solder joint is firm and flat; 3 whether the surface is smooth or not; 4 is the fitting.

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