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Brand construction grasp the three elements, pay attention to the three reasons!


In November 23, 2017, the 2017 China hotel brand value summit was held in Ningbo pan Pacific Hotel. This summit has attracted more than 500 well-known hotel groups, mono Hotel and brand suppliers, media representatives and industry people, around "building industry brand value system, setting up industry value vane, promoting industry investment scientific decision-making and promoting the influence of enterprise market".

This summit will work together to talk about the status, problems and trends of the industry, share valuable experience and explore the forefront of the development of the industry, stimulate the innovation of the hotel industry under the new normal, build a broad strategic partnership, and jointly cast the most valuable and influential industry event in the area of the hotel procurement and supply.

At the meeting, Yuan Xueya, chief consultant of Shanghai Star Hotel Management Consulting Co., Ltd. shared the "brand building of multi trademark jungle" for the guests.

Recently, many new brands have emerged in the industry, but in Yuan Xueya's view, these "new brands", which are recognized by the industry and the customers, are only registered trademarks, not a substantial brand. These trademarks grow like jungle. In this trademark jungle, how do people in the industry build brands?

At present, the whole industry trend is in all kinds of capital, and the international and domestic hotels are the development trend of chain replication from single brand to multi brand. In the lack of human resources team, the mode of joining is prevalent. Yuan Xueya believes that the IT brand is the most successful brand in the hotel industry. From 7 days to platinum Tao, we have registered a number of trademarks, and all these trademarks have been compiled, called IP. One of their success is their booking platform, the two is membership. These two factors help to glue the upstream and downstream, which are relatively lacking in Tradition Hotel. Nowadays, whether registered trademark or IP, it has become an industry.

At present, the industry capital operation is larger than the management, such as Marriott acquired the Starwood group, its brand has more than 30. After the merger, its capital level is perfect, but the perfect one is Starwood. Many brands of Starwood have taken off in the merger and acquisition; and from the management level, the integration of these brands and the interoperability of the membership system have not finished three years. "The perfect capital operation brings the challenge of management," because the most difficult integration is not the brand, the personnel's gene, including the integration of the procurement system, can not be completely unified, effectively collectivization, centralization, there is a process. In addition, there are 17 brands of Hanting in China, but it can be truly known as the brand, perhaps less than 5; "Vienna is a brand, but the Venus, good sleep, good intelligence can only be said as a trademark", and from the point of view of the brand, it is also homogeneity.

Yuan Xueya believes that there are three elements in the conversion of trademarks to brands. One is the VIS, the visual recognition system; the two is the BIS, the behavior recognition system; the three is the MIS, the management recognition system.

And the reason why the trademark can not be converted to brand is that the first is to pay attention to the visual effect, not to pay attention to the concealment project; only believe in the feeling of one's own, do not believe the advice of the professional, and do not consider the return on investment. The two is only willing to pay the cost of design and decoration; not willing to pay the management and management costs; three is only willing to make up the story propaganda, run the horse circle to expand; not willing to invest the human resources on the ground, grasp the management quality and serve the target customers. In the process of turning the brand into brand, the task is given to the outsider. The franchisee.

In this conference, a brand building management and evaluation system will be released to evaluate the value of a fast brand through the key index GOP rate. "If each of our hotels and groups can develop their own hematopoiesis (human resources), if our GOP can increase by an average of 5 percentage points in our entire industry, I believe that the losses in the whole industry will be reduced, and the quality of the whole industry will be improved."

Finally, Yuan Xueya concluded that some so-called brands can only be called trademarks, and trademarks are jungle.

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