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BoXin moistureproof commercial outdoor garbage cans buy now restaurants

BoXin moistureproof commercial outdoor garbage cans buy now restaurants

BoXin moistureproof commercial outdoor garbage cans buy now restaurants

Trash type
201# stainless steel wire drawing
Sand Steel
Payment method
Inner barrel thickness
Galvanized barrel / black pp plastic
1 / carton,0.4cbm
Delivery time
After 15 days
Guangzhou Huangpu / Shenzhen Shekou
Suitable places
Shopping malls, schools, hospitals, streets, etc.
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Company Advantages
1. Many design factors of BoXin stainless steel trash bin have been taken into consideration by our designers during the preliminary stage. These factors include thermal resistance, materials, fin efficiency, and spreading resistance. BOXIN trash cans are made of high quality materials
2. Foshan Nanhai BoXin hotel Article Co.,LTD. has full confidence in the quality of commercial outdoor garbage cans. Provides an excellent, compact solution for waste management
3. This product can always retain a clean appearance. It has a surface that can effectively resist the effects of humidity, insects or stains. Keep your facility clean and organized
4. This product stands out for its comfort. Its bio-mechanically engineered design helps adapt to the unique contours of the foot, allowing the maximum comfort. BOXIN trash cans are designed for long-lasting, dependable, and user-friendly janitorial solutions
5. This product is safe. It has been tested to be free of azo, carcinogenic or allergenic dyes, heavy metals, phthalates & formaldehyde that could pose severe health risks. BOXIN trash can doesn't impede traffic due to its design

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Features: The bottom of the barrel barrel is moulded and welded, and the middle of the barrel is equipped with a smoke elimination device; the barrel body is environmentally friendly and marked with screen printing; the surface is clear and bright in color, and the waterproof sunscreen guarantees that the paint will not fade for 5 years. There are 4 screws in the bottom of the bucket to secure the ground to prevent theft.

Product Process


Exclusive Customization
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Environmental Quality
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Six Processes
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Boxin Factory

Factory covers an area of 15,000 square meters, more than 100 employees. Has the most advanced production equipment, as well as the industry's top production technology.Factory covers an area of 15,000 square meters, more than 100 employees. Has the most advanced production equipment, as well as the industry's top production technology.

BOXIN hotel supplies focused on trash for 12 years, the main production trash, railings seat signs and other hotel lobby supplies. 

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Boxin new equipment
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Boxin sample room
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Boxin Exhibition Hall



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Advantage 1

Foshan Nanhai BOXIN Hotel Items Industry was established in 2006,specializing in the manufacture of hotel products which have been well received all over the world owing to their exquisite craft works and favorable prices.

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Advantage 2

With an outstanding research and development team, advanced hardware equipment, a professional sales team and forwarding sales service, we have become the leader in this field in Southern China.

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Advantage 3

Our main products are hotel titanium stainless steel products, stainless steel products, wood products and outdoor leisure products with various sizes.

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Advantage 4

Our concept is "Quality, Credit and Client First". We will spare no effort to build friendship and cooperate with our business partners to create a more colorful and enjoyable world.

Company Features
1. Our factory is well invested in modern production facilities and adequate technical capacity. It is equipped with complete facilities for testing products to international standards and norms.
2. Our desire is to promote the popularity of the BoXin brand worldwide. Please contact.
Really nice for a trash can! It does fingerprint up easy, but I am happy with it.
This trash can is perfect for taking my trash, and looks good while doing so!
Perfect size for an office trash can. Love it.
Nice, but no lid. Open is great for a wad of paper throw into the can.
Nice quality
Fits well between the toilet and wall.
This is a nice bin but heavy for its small size. The cover also easily comes off. But the quality is what you come to expect from simple human
Very nice little trash can. I bought 2, one for the bathroom and one for my home office. I like that it doesn't have a lid, I don't want to have to open the lid every time I want to throw away a scrap of paper or whatever. I use grocery store plastic bags in it just to recycle/reuse, I'm sure it would work better with the bags from Simplehuman, but the grocery store bags are the right size to fit and it lets me use them up.
Its a trashcan however it is hard to beat Simplehuman for quality and style which is why I bought 3 of them
This little can looks great and fits shopping bags from the grocery store.
Nice item, using it as a recycling bin in KY kitchen, a bit small but nice quality.
Just look good.
I'm using this for recycling, and the Simple Human step-on lidded can of the same size for garbage. They fit one behind the other behind the door, against the wall where I have space. Perfect fit; good look. Couldn't be happier. It's very hard to find small apartment sized things - Simple Human comes through with attractive, well-designed products.
Love most all Simple Human products, well made.
very cool little can fit and works great in my office, will likely order another one
Great space saver! Fits well under reception desks and slim areas. Excellent quality for the price.
Just got it, replace my simple plastic bucket. Lid opens nicely with what looks like a black felt to keep bugs out? Well it looks a lot better than my plastic box for sure. Very strong and study feeling.
I use this as a trash can and compost bin. The size is perfect for me. For the price it exceeded my expectations. It looks solid and also beautiful on my counter top. I am very happy with this purchase.
exactly what I wanted. know smell even when keeping fruit and coffee grinds in it for a week. very nice.
My mom asked for a compact composter and said this is “perfect and just what she wanted”. It’s big enough so she doesn’t need to empty it often and comes with a filter for the lid. She also loves the bonus gloves.
Perfect for the small narrow spot I needed it for next to my vanity
Perfect for small spaces. Our dogs do not get into it like the last one we had in the bathroom.
Fits perfectly under the sink
Love Simple Human. Great products that fit any space and configuration you need.
Prefect for bathroom
I've purchased SimpleHuman products in the past and know their products to be well made. That's why I came to them for a small trash can for my bathroom. You can buy cheaper but you won't get the same quality.
I needed a trash can for trash but something sturdy enough I could put my file box on next to my desk to work out of. Wonderful for what I wanted. So happy.
Simplehuman is great brand, and this unit is terrific. I started with their lever-opening lidded trashcans for kitchen and elsewhere, and this product serves another function. I use it to store long-handled cleaning brushes in my bathroom, along with other items from the same brand. Very neat and attractive.
A stylish and modern addition to any bathroom. Very pleased with the purchase. It shows fingerprints pretty easily and is a bit expensive, but for me it was worth it.
Works fine: holds trash, hard plastic liner with easy carry hole near the top. What you don't see in the product images or any of the other reviews is the big seam on the other side where the metal is joined. Pretty poor design. For this price for a can this size, would it have been so hard to join the edges a little more elegantly?
Its a nice trash can but the size was not what I expected, I've tried to return it but the shipment charge is ridiculous.
The compost bin is well made and looks nice on our counter. It's a good size and the lid fits snuggly. Our only complaint is the filter fits loosely and fruit flies get in and out of the vent holes. We'd prefer a solid lid.
Love this trash can. It takes a minute to get the bag liner on the plastic liner and the top back over so the liner in not seen. That is not a big issue to me. I'm talking less than a minute actually to get it on properly. It matches my decor and that's why I purchased it. Durable and looks good.
I picked this because I didn’t want to fold the bag over the trash can and simplehuman has the silver top that tucks it in.
Dint fit where I needed it, but amazing waste can.
good design and practical
Sure, it's a little finicky to place the plastic bag in such that it doesn't show through the seam, but TBH it takes about 15 seconds to do so. In my opinion, the sleek look/design of this is well worth the extra effort.
The only issue is that the product was received with a slight, shallow dent. Otherwise, the product's tidy, concealed bag design is better than cans with loose and overhanging trash bags.
I have a small space, and a small kitchen with very little under-sink space. This is perfect for fitting into that tight space so that I can throw kitchen scraps away. It will be too small to fit many plastic bottles in, but is perfect for a small office or for food waste in the kitchen. Since I throw recycling away separately this works perfectly, keeping the more unsightly garbage tucked away until I can take it out.
simplehuman trash cans are simply the best in the business. This one is no exception. It has the open top but is absolutely solid. To be frank, it's just the right size to throw my dirty tissues. lol
This looks great in our small bathroom. This was for our remodeled small bathroom. This is a great buy. WOW.
I really like the look of this can but I won't be keeping it as it doesn't accommodate grocery bags well. There is a whole on one end of the bucket where you can tuck the excess bag, but given the grocery bag has handles on either end, it just doesn't fit well. Since I'm overrun with grocery bags, and prefer not to buy special bags for a can of this size, I won't be reordering it (the one I ordered was cracked when it arrived, but that's a fluke, I'm sure). Still, it's a pretty trash can!
This complements my Coffee station extraordinarily well. Espresso machine and cart are stainless/chrome. This is a travel trailer so the cart is very effective. The stainless trash receptacle is so shiny I am hesitant to even put stuff in it. The stainless steel is a fingerprint magnet but emptying the inner part is easy to do without touching the steel. It did come with dents but they are on the rear corners. It is not seamless but the seam is at the rear. In this case the front is the narrow side. I just bought a stainless steel trash can this size with lid that lowers slowly for $7 at the thrift store. I had to polish it and it does have a little scuffed place on the side not viewed. What I do not like is that it has a plastic base so can be damaged. The I like it much better than this one which is now in the bathroom. The Simplehuman can has plastic around the top which makes sense as it protects the metal from spillage.
Easily dented but other than that I've been happy.
Mr. White told me i had to get a metal carbonate aluminum solphate can but this trash can is like whack yo. You know how hard it is to find some of this stuff?! it cost me like my whole stack from our last batch of blue.
If you are looking for a can that is a great fit in tight places - this is the can to get! HOWever.. 1) Does NOT "resist fingerprints" - so welcome to Smudge City. 2) Is very easy (very very) to scratch. 3) There is a bit of a trick to installing the bag so nothing can be seen from outside. I had tried the 6 liter semi-round can, but when the lid went fully-vertical it could clip the bottom of the toilet paper holder. So fell back to this rectangular as was a hefty 10 liters in size but only 17 inches tall. Pity about the surface smudging/scratching so easily. I read a few comments about parts of the bag sticking out. To use a bag with this can, one lifts the top piece up, installs the bag, then slides the piece back down/over the bag to hold it in place. But the edges of the bag tend to stick out from under the top piece... which looks not-so-nice. I noticed that if one lifts the top piece back up a bit and then gently tugs at the bag from inside the can, you can pull in the excess so nothing is visible from the outside. Annoying, but doable.
Just as advertised - very attractive - fits tight under the kitchen island as planned and looks very nice - I was glad yo have the lower cost option with black plastic that does not show
xa0Wonderful! I love this Oscar the grouch aesthetic trash can compost bin. I have wanted a compost bin for so long but just kept putting it off. Since it’s baking a holiday season, it made sense to buy something for all of my produce and egg shells that I’ll come across during the holidays. I’ve already filled it a little more than I expected but it’s holding everything well and with no odor. I really thought it would be smelly but it’s not at all. This is worth the higher price and in this case you get what you pay for in good quality. I’m really enamoured and my son is excited to toss stuff inside. I feel so eco friendly too! I can’t wait to use this in my garden.
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