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Bathroom trash can


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The trash can is full and then poured.

This seems to be economical and environmentally friendly. I don’t know, but I am surrounded by bacteria, viruses and mold. Especially the toilet garbage, it seems that there is no perishable worm like kitchen waste, and it is not littered like in the public toilet. Therefore, the trash can becomes a "invisible" bucket, often it is impossible to dump it if it is not full. In turn, it became the "bacterial nest" that is the most vulnerable to dirt.

Unlike the relatively dry and ventilated environment of the living room and living room, the ventilation effect and sunshine effect of most households are very poor. It is relatively humid all year round. If garbage waste is stored for a long time, bacteria and mold can easily grow. Secondly, the toilet paper or sanitary napkins in the toilet garbage carry more dirt such as feces and urine. If you leave it for a long time, it will produce serious odor. Especially when the garbage is placed in a closed toilet, it will destroy the indoor air. Seriously affect human health.

The trash can in the bathroom is best cleaned every day, and the time is best chosen before going to bed at night. Clean up thoroughly, after dumping the garbage, brush the trash can with water, and get used to putting garbage bags in the trash can, and don't just throw the garbage bag away. Some dirt and juice are likely to seep through the closed garbage bag to the bottom of the trash can. At this time, it must be thoroughly cleaned and exposed to the sun in the sun. Disinfect with disinfectant at regular intervals. Famous advertising photography 。In addition, the choice of bathroom trash can also be learned. First of all, the sealing is good. The garbage will not be exposed to the air, so it is best to choose a lid and a foot-type trash can. Second, the material is preferably stainless steel. Stainless steel is resistant to water, acid, alkali, salt, etc. and has high durability. Again, it is best to use a small-capacity trash can, so that the garbage can be filled quickly, which can encourage people to dump garbage and reduce the chance of breeding germs.

If you rarely use sanitary napkins and other items that easily block the sewer, you can leave the trash in the bathroom. Install a straight flush toilet that can directly wash the toilet paper with the toilet water.

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